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Agreement for prequalification of prospective bidders services

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this {{ getCurrentDate }} , by and between
LLC, dba PQBIDS ('PQBIDS'), and {{ }}.
PQBIDS and District may be collectively referred to herein as 'Parties'.

OPTION {{fields.option}} PROPOSAL

We at offer our professional and on line services to the following school district {{ }}.

PQBIDS has created an online service that allows prospective bidders to complete and submit standardized questionnaires and financial statements that are then rated based upon a uniform rating system used to determine whether the prospective bidders meet the criteria for prequalification. The above mention school district will have access to all the services that offers on its website. This option 2 includes:

1. School districts own secure log in page
2. On line scoring questionnaire that meets D.I.R Standards.
3. Editing score capabilities
4. Direct messaging to contractors using our message center.
5. All documents downloaded to their own log in page dashboard.
6. Unlimited contractors can apply.

PLEASE NOTE: all terms and conditions will be assessed at the time of a formal contract by the school district.

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